Techtonica v0.2.1 Patch Preview: Oops! All Concrete

The first Update Pack for Techtonica will arrive tomorrow, January 16th, 2024, with v0.2.1. That’s right, it’s Oops! All Concrete, and we’re here today to preview what’s coming in this small update. We’ll also get into how and why we’re doing these updates in addition to our larger milestone updates like v0.2 and the future […]

Oops! It’s all concrete.

Hello Groundbreakers, we’re back from winter break and feeling rested, relaxed, and ready to reveal our first Update Pack! Without further ado… (drumroll please) Oops! All Concrete Including pillars, beams, and walls,  Oops! All Concrete allows you to build seamless expanses of smooth concrete. It’s pretty satisfying to build with, and we’re stoked for you to […]

Techtonica v0.2 Patch Notes – Base Building is here!

Welcome to the biggest update for Techtonica since Early Access launch, Groundbreaker. Base Building is here! That means players will have pieces and tools at their disposal to build unique bases, factories, outposts, and malls on Calyx, transforming what it means to play Techtonica in the process. We are so excited for players to get […]

Two explosive machines join Techtonica with Base Building

We’re really, really close to the launch of Techtonica’s Base Building update. Yes, we’re still slated to launch it next week. We’re working hard to make sure you have something new to enjoy in our game over the holiday break. This will be the largest update we’ve dropped to-date, and it adds new narrative, intermediates, […]

Base Building release window narrows, plus we’ve updated the roadmap

Greetings, Groundbreakers! We have a few pieces of huge news for you today. The Base Building update will launch the week of December 18th.While we can’t give an exact date just yet, we wanted to give players a little more info! This is the biggest update we’ve had thus far for Techtonica, and we are so […]

We’ve littered Calyx with more abandoned facilities for you to discover

The Base Building update that we’ll release for Techtonica in December (next month, woo!) will feature a lot more than just base building pieces. We’ve already covered the new Production Terminal, and we’ve shared a lot of the pieces you’ll have at your disposal as well as the intermediates to make them. Today? Today, we’ll […]

These are the pieces that will make your bases in Techtonica

Over the last few weeks, we’ve teased some of the outposts that we’ve been working on as we test the waters of the Base Building Update in Techtonica here behind the scenes at Fire Hose. Here’s one I built, for example, to house a small Quicklime and Cement assembly depot. Everything you see in this […]

New intermediates and an overhauled Tech Tree

The Base Building update in December features more than just PT XRAY and Base Building items; we’re adding a whole slew of intermediates and reworking the Tech Tree. Today, we’re diving into the new intermediates and taking a look at the new UI! I spoke with several team members (Ryan, Andrii, and Allie) to get […]

Production Terminals in Techtonica are meant to feel special. They should give Groundbreakers a sense of awe when discovered, and they should each stand with their own unique tone and definition. Think of the moment you see PT LIMA as you exit the cryo-chamber at the start of the game. Or, consider when you M.O.L.E. […]

Base Building Release Window & Roadmap Update

Techtonica v0.1.2, our second planned Quality of Life update, is out now, so it’s time to look ahead to future updates. We’ve updated the roadmap with a lot of information about Base Building, and we can finally announce a release window! Base Building will hit Techtonica in December. And now, check out the new and […]