Techtonica v0.2.2 is here – the Cozy Plant Pack!

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Hello, Groundbreakers, The Cozy Plants Update Pack is here!

Transform your factory into a lush oasis with 9 unique wall and ceiling plants. This plantastic update adds vibrant colors and lets your creativity blossom. Warning, there are a lot of puns in this. Sorry, not sorry?

Behold… the magic of plants.

The Cozy Plant Update Pack comes … packed … with vibrant wall and ceiling plants to decorate your bases.

Below is an assortment of the 3×3 and 1×1 Wall Plants available to decorate with. The 3×3 Wall Plants come in two cool color variations and the 1×1 Wall Plants have three funky choices.

These beauties add a delightful burst of color to your factories.

Ceiling Plants also come in two sizes – 3×3 and 1×1 – and two colors. Above are the big boi 3×3 Ceiling Plants, and below are the 1×1 Ceiling Plants.

You’ll be able to attach these throughout your factories to add in some decor. Get ready to leaf your mark on the world of Calyx with the power of plants.

Building these plant pieces is pretty simple. Just unlock them on the Tech Tree and you’re good to go, no scannables required. You’ll also find a smattering of them to scan throughout the abandoned facilities on Calyx. And when you add them to buildings, it looks amazing.

We have had an absolute blast playing around with these pieces and adding them to our facilities!

Some new 3-D models

Eagle-eyed players may have also noticed that some of our items have new 3-D models.

Aren’t these just adorable? Yes, the answer is yes. Here’s one more pic of plants before we get into the Patch Notes, just because it’s rad.

The Complete v0.2.2 – The Cozy Plant Pack Patch Notes

Mechanics and Feature Changes
Green-thumbed Groundbreakers roaming Calyx will be delighted to learn that we’ve added nine new, beautiful wall and ceiling plant decoration objects.

  • Ceiling Plant (1×1) – Purple Creeping Hydra
  • Ceiling Plant (1×1) – Blue Creeping Hydra
  • Ceiling Plant (3×3) – Purple Creeping Hydra
  • Ceiling Plant (3×3) – Blue Creeping Hydra
  • Wall Plant (1×1) – Violet Emberstalk
  • Wall Plant (1×1) – Seafoam Emberstalk
  • Wall Plant (1×1) – Plum Parashroom
  • Wall Plant (3×3) – Blue-Red Flora Mix
  • Wall Plant (3×3) – Purple-Orange Flora Mix

Please note: You won’t need to scan these pieces to unlock them on the Tech Tree. Just unlock the item and start building.

We’ve also added new resource models for multiple items so they show up on Conveyor Belts and in Inserters properly instead of looking like very strange space pancakes. Those new models are:

  • Purple Research Cores
  • Blue Research Cores
  • Mining Charges

World Changes
Our design team played Johnny Appleseed as they sprinkled fragments of our new plant decorations throughout abandoned facilities all over Calyx. Find them, scan them, build them.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and does not include all minor bugfixes.

  • We fixed an issue with the voxel system that should improve late-game performance for some players.
  • We fixed an annoying autosave bug. We have an autosave system that keeps 30 autosaves spread, logically, across old and more recent files. This bug broke the autosave logic and always overwrote the 30th autosave instead of recycling older autosaves. Players should now see mostly recent autosaves alongside a handful of older autosaves ranging from 30 minutes old to 10 hours old.
  • We fixed an issue that caused the file size of Techtonica to bloat to around 10GB with v0.2.1. Something, something, concrete is heavy, something, something. It’s fixed now, sorry about that!
  • We fixed several localization bugs that caused some UI breaks.

Known Issues
These are the known issues shipping with v0.2.2 that players should keep in mind.

  • 3×3 Wall Plants can only be multi-placed in an East-West or West-East direction. They refuse to multi-place in an North-South or South-North direction. Why? You’ll have to ask them.
  • Breakers may experience some difficulty snapping 3×3 Ceiling Plants when not placed underneath floors and ceilings.
  • Graphics settings will not fully take effect until you either exit to the main menu or fully exit Techtonica and reload the game. Graphics settings applied from the main menu will work.

The Cozy Plant pack is out now for Techtonica! It’s thyme to add some greenery and make your factories sprout with life!

Thanks for reading and watching! Join our Discord and share your botanical masterpieces and see what other Groundbreakers are building.

See you soon!

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