Techtonica v0.4 Release Date and Patch Preview

patch preview cover

It’s official, the Factory Efficiency Update will release tomorrow, Tuesday, April 30th!

So, let’s dive into what’s coming in v0.4. Tomorrow, you’ll get more in-depth Patch Notes with the full details.

So, what can you expect in v0.4 of Techtonica?

  • 6 new Game Modes
  • Two new Maps
  • 70+ Game Settings to customize
  • An opening cinematic cutscene for Techtonica
  • Incineration in Smelters and Blast Smelters
  • New fuel types
  • Loads of bug fixes and optimization

Have questions? Want to chat about the update with devs and the community? Looking for a place with other spaghetti aficionados? Join our Discord at

See you Thursday!

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