The Custom Game Modes coming to v0.4 of Techtonica

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Hey there, Groundbreakers!

Are you ready to level up your Techtonica experience with the Super Sandbox Update? With this update, we’re adding more than 80 custom game settings and two new maps to cater to every gameplay style under the sun. Say goodbye to cookie-cutter playthroughs and hello to fully customized challenges and sandboxes.

But wait, hold up – we get it. The pressure of choice can be overwhelming sometimes. That’s why we’ve got six preset modes to get you started. Today, we’re gonna dive into each of those preset game modes.

Easy Mode
First, we’ve got Easy Mode. Yep, you guessed it! Easy Mode drops you into the regular Techtonica map with settings that make the game… Easier. Encumbrance is shut off, Base Building crafting is free, and the Production Terminals are easier to unlock. It’s perfect for casual players who prefer rapid progression and reduced costs.

Plus, you get easier access to narrative events, advanced machinery, and upgraded technologies. And the cherry on top? Achievements are fully available in this mode, so you can chug through Techtonica in a shorter amount of time while still scratching that completionist itch.

Sandbox Mode
Next up is Sandbox Mode. This one is all about freedom and creativity, baby! With no crafting requirements and minimal power consumption, the world really is your oyster. Build whatever you want, however you want, and revel in the pure joy of creation.

In Sandbox Mode, all doors and tech are fully unlocked, there are no quests, and you’ve got nothing to scan. Fuel and Power consumption are turned down in favor of large-scale builds that don’t need a massive power station. Both encumbrance and M.O.L.E. heat generation is shut off, allowing you to dig out the map with ease. And the ore veins? They’re infinite, letting you build the factories of your dreams without ever needing to move.

Hardcore Mode
Feeling brave? Then Hardcore Mode is calling your name. This one is reserved for the most dedicated and experienced Techtonica players out there. With harsh resource rules and merciless limitations, your factory automation skills will be pushed to the absolute max.

Hardcore Mode drops you into the Faithless Void, a version of the River Biome map devoid of light. There are also some world changes in this map, but we’ll let you discover those on your own.

Ore per vein? Miniscule. Machines, conveyors, inserters? They move slowly. Crafting costs? Sky high. And that’s before you even get to unlocking the Production Terminals… That’s a doozy. Quests and scannable items are turned off in this mode, because it’d be nigh impossible. I can’t wait to see a speedrun time for this one.

Quantity Mode
If you think more is better, then Quantity Mode is for you. This preset is tailor-made for those who want to create large factories with high volumes of lower-quality machines. You gotta go big or go home!

Your journey in Quantity Mode begins in the Mountain King Underhall Map, a vast underground network of caverns with sky-high ceilings. Machines will produce a lot less resources in this world, forcing you to build sprawling factories across the large and unwieldy map.

Quality Mode
On the other hand, if you’re all about finesse, then Quality Mode has got your back. Here, smaller factories with lower quantities of higher-quality machines are the name of the game. Attention to detail is key, so make sure you’ve got your thinking cap on.

Quality Mode is set in the regular River Biome map, and the settings are tweaked – so you’ll need the bare minimum of machines. The challenge here is that they produce really fast, so your organization will need to be top-tier.

Hyper Mode
And last but not least, Hyper Mode. Are you a Groundbreaker who likes to go fast? Then this is the mode for you. Everything is set to increased speeds, so you’ll be sharply scaling and progressing your factory in no time – if you can keep up, that is.

Okay, so these modes look great. But they aren’t exactly what you want. You’re in luck! Every setting can be tweaked after selecting a present. You can also change maps!

We hope you’re excited to dive in and try out these modes for yourself. v0.4 is on the horizon, and it’s getting close!

Want to chat about the upcoming update? Hop into our Discord for some memes, dreams, and some sweet debates.

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