We’ve fixed a nasty HVC Monorail bug for 0.1.2!

This week, we’re pulling out the big guns, because we’ve fixed a big bug. The nastiest HVC (High Voltage Cable) and Monorail bug has been fixed for 0.1.2!  As we continue to improve and fix bugs for QoL update 0.1.2, we’re posting more info about the bugs we’ve squashed and improvements we’ve made. Reminder, this […]

Machine Streaming improvements bound for Techtonica v0.1.2

Greetings, Groundbreakers! This week’s dev update will be centered around more of an in-the-background element of what’s coming in v0.1.2. It’s an important one that will help with performance, so we thought we’d get a little closer to it for a look at exactly what we’re providing and improving. Richard, our Game Director, helped me […]

Framerate limiting, Belt riding, and more QoL settings bound for v0.1.2

Settings! I mean this with complete sincerity, but I love that detailing Settings functionalities for Techtonica means so much to our community. You care about the gameplay experience you’re getting, and we’re really happy to be making so many Settings-based changes in v0.1.2. Selfishly, I care a lot about these, too. I’m most excited about […]

Techtonica v0.1.1 is out; where’s v0.1.2?

Now that our v0.1.1 Update has been launched into the void of your computers, let’s talk about what’s next: v0.1.2! We’ve updated the Roadmap with a few items that we’re ready to confirm. Well, as ready as possible. The Roadmap, remember, is a living document that can and will change over time. In this week’s […]

Techtonica v0.1.1 – QoL #1 Patch Notes

Welcome, Groundbreakers, to the official patch notes for v0.1.1 of Techtonica. This marks the first of two planned Quality of Life updates. Virtually all changes made in this patch were based on player feedback, so thank you for sharing your thoughts while playing Techtonica. It’s our intention to ensure these patch notes are both easy […]

Techtonica v0.1.1 Patch Preview: In-Game Metrics, Core changes, and more

It’s official. v0.1.1 of Techtonica drops this week (we’re aiming for Thursday), and with it comes a slew of changes born out of your feedback over the month-ish since launch. Today’s video stands as a preview for the update. We’ll, of course, serve up some in-depth patch notes when the patch goes live this week. […]

The M.O.L.E. is Getting a Major Upgrade

As we chug towards 0.1.1, we’re working on bugfixes and performance gains, and we’re also adding several QoL improvements. Today, we’re going to focus on the M.O.L.E. If you want to deep dive this topic, watch the video below! Otherwise, read on for some show-and-tell with the M.O.L.E. Also, sorry not sorry for using the […]

A deep-dive into Techtonica’s bug triage process and Monorail issues

Before we get into this post, the first of several notes from your editor, Joey. This is a new one for us. Not only did we ask another team member to get in here and write something, but that team member also built a really in-depth look at how their job works. Rob leads our […]

Techtonica’s soundtrack is streaming and we have QoL update news

Greetings, Groundbreakers! We’re here with more news about Techtonica, from the roadmap changes to more soundtrack availability. Strap in. As always, the video update above goes into more detail, but if you want a quick rundown, you’ll find that below. The soundtrack is now streaming on a bunch of services We love our soundtrack (and […]

Techtonica’s launch week! In-game metrics coming soon!

Welcome to the first weekly update since release. If you’re new to these, hello! If you’ve been here for a while, hello again! We launched a video game! Thank you for playing. Techtonica entered Early Access last Tuesday, and we’ve been so excited to see people playing, sharing screenshots, posting videos, and joining our Discord. […]