The M.O.L.E. gets another upgrade!

That’s right! The M.O.L.E. can do more than just tunnel in a single dig size. You might already know about Flatten Mode, an upgrade that makes the M.O.L.E. level the Calyxian terrain around you for flat factory floors. Today, we’re introducing the unique bit sizes that take the M.O.L.E. from useful to absurdly powerful. Let’s […]

Automate your research with the beautiful Core Composer

In Techtonica, our intention is to give players the tools they need to automate virtually every process. From mining to terraforming, farming, and production, we want you to automate it all. The tools to enable the automation of these systems will grow over the course of our Early Access journey, but we’re ready to reveal one […]

We gave Conveyors and Power Floors a redesign ahead of Early Access 🏭

Did you know that the Conveyor Belts and Power Floors in Techtonica have been purely placeholder for the last year or so? It’s true. And it was something we wanted to address before we hit our Early Access launch this summer. The differences between the old and new Conveyor Belts are subtle, but the Power Floors have received a […]

Techtonica will include Ultrawide Support at Early Access launch

We heard you loud and clear. Techtonica will support ultrawide displays. Say goodbye to the black bars on the sides of your display that hang out as you’re sculpting the alien caverns of Calyx. Say hello to fullscreen. Ultrawide support will be available at Early Access Launch While the ultrawide community represents a relatively small slice of […]

Techtonica’s Early Access release window revealed

Greetings, Groundbreakers! We’re thrilled to share that we’ve officially narrowed the release window for Techtonica Techtonica will launch into Early Access in Summer 2023. What are we working on right now? Now that we’ve narrowed our Early Access release window down to this summer, we’re only a few months away from getting Techtonica 0.1 in your hands. The focus […]

Here’s how we’re optimizing Techtonica

You can play the Techtonica demo right now on Steam. We’re keeping it up until we’re closer to launch, but… …it’s not entirely representative of the game experience players will have when we launch into Early Access this year. We’ve made tremendous gains in level, art, narrative, and progression design. The gameplay loop in the demo is […]

Meet Techtonica’s new Community Manager!

We have a brand new member of the community and marketing team. Over the last several weeks, the Fire Hose Team quietly welcomed its newest member, Lauren, into the fold. Lauren’s been hard at work learning the ins and outs of Techtonica, our community, and our future plans to serve players as the Community Marketing Manager. […]

Installing fresh lights for Techtonica’s launch💡

Welcome, Groundbreakers! This week’s post is a little on the lighter side compared to our usual, but we hope you find it illuminating. I can’t promise that those will be the last of the horrible puns in this update, but I will apologize for them. I’m sorry. As we march towards the Early Access launch of Techtonica, […]

Your feedback improved Techtonica’s opening moments

Wake up, Groundbreaker. While you were sleeping, we completely changed your cryo pod. In fact, we’ve changed a ton about Techtonica since the demo, especially where you wake up. Lots of this happened after we took a good look at the player feedback from in-person demos and across places like the Steam Forums and our Discord. The […]

Redesigning our Research Cores to be 👀mesmerizing👀

One of Techtonica’s core (pun intended) gameplay pillars is unlocking and upgrading tech. You do that through scanning and research. Research Cores are the research currency in Techtonica. In order to unlock tech on your tech tree, you’ll need the right count and color of Research Cores. They must be built and placed to count toward your […]