Introducing the ModPack, an upgradeable, modular backpack

Say hello to your ModPack! This modular backpack is worn by all Groundbreakers on Calyx, and you’ll be able to enhance it with upgrades like the Hover Mod. In today’s post, we’ll share screenshots and GIFs of the ModPack. We’ll talk a bit about how it functions and fits into the universe of Techtonica. And, of […]

Techtonica’s UI overhaul features a new Notification Center

Building the User Interface in a game like Techtonica is its own unique challenge. There’s so much information happening all at once in a factory automation game as players explore, research, build, and upgrade their factories. Add in multiplayer? Well, that introduces a whole host of fresh challenges for how and where to place information. Today, we’ll […]

Understand your factories at a glance with Overlay Mode

Factory automation games like Techtonica are about making things work as well as they possibly can. Efficiency. How do you eke out more efficiency? These games are also about on-the-fly solving of logistics puzzles that you, the player, create. You create these puzzles as you plan and build your factories. As makers of a factory automation game, […]

The power obstacles and tools at your disposal in Techtonica

Power production in factory automation games is critical to scaling your factory. How do you meet shifting power demands as your factory grows? What new tech can help? The power system in Techtonica will evolve throughout Early Access, but at launch, we’ll have several tools for players to harness and obstacles for them to overcome. Today, we’re […]

What’s hidden in Techtonica’s Warehouse facility?

Techtonica is a factory automation game, in case this wasn’t abundantly clear yet. This growing genre is relatively fresh, and one bit of fairly untrodden ground is narrative. That is, factory automation games don’t typically have stories at their center, letting players pull at plot threads as they expand their factories. With Techtonica, that’s exactly what we’re […]

Our Assemblers were missing a key feature until recently

World-building in games is tough! Establishing a sense of visual, aural, artistic, and narrative consistency can really help make a game feel alive, a world fleshed out, and accomplishments more rewarding. As you can probably tell based on past updates about Techtonica, we’re working hard to establish that sense of “life” in our game. Our team […]

How a single plant changed world design in Techtonica

A few weeks back, we offered a look at Butterfly Cove, PT VICTOR, and a little of what our studio goes through when we name an area in a game for internal reference. Today, we’ll show and explain a little of the process of iterating on a space in Techtonica‘s map in response to new flora, expanding […]

Monorails? Yes! Introducing Techtonica’s Monorail System

Greetings, Groundbreakers. We’ve been looking forward to sharing this update with you for the last few months. Mass transport systems are pretty awesome in factory automation games, and we’re excited to finally showcase our take on the mechanic with Techtonica’s Monorail System. Read on to learn more about how the Monorail System works, see how you […]

New black hole gun upgrade? Flatten terrain in Techtonica

The M.O.L.E. doesn’t just dig. No, this upgradeable black hole gun will do lots more as Techtonica’s development continues. Today, we’re unveiling a M.O.L.E. feature that will be live with our Early Access launch this year. This is Flatten Mode. A quick note: Much of what you see with Flatten Mode in today’s post will likely […]