The M.O.L.E. gets another upgrade!


That’s right! The M.O.L.E. can do more than just tunnel in a single dig size.

You might already know about Flatten Mode, an upgrade that makes the M.O.L.E. level the Calyxian terrain around you for flat factory floors. Today, we’re introducing the unique bit sizes that take the M.O.L.E. from useful to absurdly powerful.

Let’s dig in!

Wait, what’s the M.O.L.E.?

For the new Groundbreakers among us, there might be some lingering questions about what, exactly, the M.O.L.E. is. We’ll touch on that quickly.

Techtonica is a factory game with destructible terrain. You’ll need to dig out ore veins, hidden chests, buried facilities, and paths to massive, open caverns. You’ll also want to clear space in the terrain for your factories, of course!

You can use your pick to do some digging, but that doesn’t work on all materials and is rather slow. The M.O.L.E., then, is one of our terrain manipulation solutions (to be expanded through Early Access!).

The M.O.L.E. is a black hole gun that digs in a 5x5x5 cube with its default mode.

Massive M.O.L.E.’ing with upgradable bit sizes

As you upgrade PTs and build and place Research Cores, you’ll slowly unlock additional M.O.L.E. bit sizes, and these are super useful for bigger or more precise digging.

Aside from the default 5×5 bit size, you’ll be able to unlock 5×9, 3×3, 9×9, and, eventually, the massive 12×12.

I took a quick GIF to give you a sense of the 12×12 bit’s scale.

Invest in Coolant!

The eagle-eyed Groundbreakers among us likely noticed that the M.O.L.E. overheated in a single shot with the 12×12 bit size in operation. My advice? Invest in Coolant. To get that, you’ll need Iron, Shiverthorn, Miners, Power, Planters, Threshers, and Assemblers.

You’ll need a factory. Are you ready to get to work?

With every update, we’re getting closer to the Early Access launch of Techtonica this summer.

Wanna chat with the devs, watch live streams, and learn more about the game before anyone else? Join our Discord!

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