Techtonica will include Ultrawide Support at Early Access launch


We heard you loud and clear. Techtonica will support ultrawide displays.

Say goodbye to the black bars on the sides of your display that hang out as you’re sculpting the alien caverns of Calyx.

Say hello to fullscreen.

Ultrawide support will be available at Early Access Launch

While the ultrawide community represents a relatively small slice of the massive Steam player base, it tends to be vocal and passionate about the enhanced display resolution. We get it. You want games to fit your setup; it makes sense.

The fact is several of our team members have ultrawide displays. They’ve wanted this for a long time, too.

While we knew this request was out there, we weren’t sure when we’d tackle it. Building an Early Access game like Techtonica means shifting priorities and juggling feature requests. Whether it’s a design overhaul that rebalances in-game recipes or demand for a feature like UW support, we have to figure out how to dedicate our small team to build the game we want players to enjoy.

We listen to players, we read forum posts, we try our best to gauge what’s important, and we go from there. We also have to balance that action with building and testing the game itself. Sometimes, those two things are at odds with each other.

Ultrawide got reprioritized this spring, thanks to your feedback, and we’ve made sure that it’ll be ready for Early Access Launch this summer.

In addition to ultrawide resolutions, players will also be able to set their FOV. This is an oft-requested feature, too, for reasons including the prevention of motion sickness for some folks.

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