Meet Techtonica’s new Community Manager!


We have a brand new member of the community and marketing team.

Over the last several weeks, the Fire Hose Team quietly welcomed its newest member, Lauren, into the fold. Lauren’s been hard at work learning the ins and outs of Techtonica, our community, and our future plans to serve players as the Community Marketing Manager.

Say hi to Lauren!

This week, Lauren’s overhauling our Discord with a fresh onboarding experience, server enhancements, community events, Discord-exclusive stream announcements, and loads more.

You’ll see lots of Lauren on the Steam forums, too, but the best place to connect with fellow Groundbreakers, developers, and our Community team is our Discord.

We’re hosting a livestream with Lauren later this week on Discord (check the #📅-events channel in Discord that stays updated with all announced events), but! We thought we’d kickstart the conversation and offer readers a small chance to get to know Lauren a bit better before then with a quick.

What is your favorite game, and why is it Techtonica?
I love building games! Not only is there a great story in Techtonica (hehe), but the mechanics of building a factory are very intuitive, alongside a really beautiful glowing landscape.

Okay, seriously, do you have a favorite game or genre?
Besides open-world survival craft games, I truly adore large-scale RPG games with deep lore & magic. The Dragon Age series is a favorite!

What’s the most interesting game you’ve played so far in 2023?
I enjoyed playing DARQ as it had really unique level design and mechanics! A great indie horror game with fantastic music and art design.

How did you hear about [i]Techtonica[/i]? What made you apply for this gig?
I actually wishlisted the game long before seeing the job posting! I’d been looking to switch from the music industry to gaming full-time, and Fire Hose seemed like the perfect team to join.

How do you spend your free time when you’re not gaming?
I read a lot of fantasy books and like to cook recipes inspired by them! I have a fully stocked medieval fantasy kitchen, and I like to spend time DIY-ing stuff around the house.

Finally, dogs or cats?
Why not both? I have two dogs and a cat and refuse to choose between them.

We’re excited to have Lauren on the team.

In two weeks? We’re sharing another bit of big news.

Until then, see you next week, Groundbreakers.

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