We didn’t build Techtonica’s trailer factories

Factory Spotlight

We’ll admit it. Our players are definitely better than us when it comes to building factories. We know this is true, and it’s only going to become more true after Techtonica enters Early Access.

Relyen is one of those players, and we wanted to work with him to help make some stellar factories for our release date trailer. Boy, did he deliver…

How did we find Relyen? What made us want to work with him for our trailers?

Before we answer those questions, you should subscribe to Relyen’s YouTube channel. If you’re reading this post, you’ll probably enjoy his content.

In addition to our video and blog update, Relyen made his own behind the scenes video.

Let’s dig in.

How and why did this happen?

Relyen signed up for the closed Alpha in May of last year. He was part of Wave 1, and, we didn’t know it at the time, decided to make some videos.

These videos were rad. They involved math and design decisions, and Relyen was one of the first players to actually use Power Floors to decorate factories. He was pushing out some of the most informative Techtonica content available at the time. You can still dig into that Alpha playlist, but the math is all broken now (sorry, Relyen!).

Our team noticed these vids, and then we noticed Relyen had a history of making really great Satisfactory tutorials. He has a knack for making stuff look pretty while eking out every ounce of efficiency.

Relyen joined our Discord, started chatting with the devs, and we realized he was a pretty cool guy. When it came time to plan our release date trailer, we decided that Relyen would build a way more impressive factory than we would, so we got in touch.

Relyen put up with some jank and bugs in order to craft the massive factories you see in the Release Date trailer, and we think the result is incredible. Here’s that trailer again.

What about the timelapse?

Who doesn’t like a good timelapse shot? We wanted to showcase how quickly a small factory outpost could scale into something larger in our release date trailer.

So, Relyen, two other Fire Hose members, and I dove into a multiplayer session. While Relyen and I built the factory, the other two players dropped their HUDs and stood still to record. Over an hour-ish, we’d built a pretty spiffy factory.

The result is cool!

Relyen’s actually working on another factory for another trailer right now…

When Techtonica enters Early Access on July 18th, 2023, we’ll do so with a brand-new launch trailer in hand. We needed a cool factory, so we turned to Relyen again. Here’s a small tease of what’s coming.

Thanks to Relyen, thanks to all creators big and small, and thank you to the players who blew our minds during the demo. We can’t wait to see what you build once we launch into Early Access.

Our plan in the future is to highlight our community members’ factories, so share what you build with us!

See you soon.

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