The Techtonica Community and Creators Begin the Alpha Journey


Last month was special for Techtonica and the Fire Hose team. We released the first wave of the Alpha to members of our community and a group of content creators across YouTube and Twitch.

Let’s begin with our community.

Techtonica’s community on Discord is growing. If you haven’t already, you can join here:

Part of that community growth results in new content, channels, conversations, videos, and imagery. We received a lot of screenshots in the very early days of the Alpha, but one of the ones that gave us the greatest chuckle came from Alpha Groundbreaker Omnithreat. Look at this ridiculous tower of Memory Cores.

Omnithreat, at last check, had more than 150 hours played in the Alpha alone.

Spotlighting some Calyx Creators…

A few content creators got their hands on the Techtonica Alpha, too. Our team has watched almost every single video, and we’ve really enjoyed all of them.

If you’d like to see our first fairly intricate mall made by a creator, look no further than this clip from Relyen on YouTube.

 We’ve also loved Z1’s early run with Techtonica, too.

But, these are just two videos from a whole pile of great content. Check the Techtonica topic on YouTube out for loads more.

Sign up for the Alpha, Wishlist Techtonica on Steam.

There’s still plenty of time to sign up for the Alpha, and we’ll let folks join in waves over the coming weeks. We also have additional methods for gaining entry planned, so stay tuned for that.

Sign up for the Alpha at

Make sure to Wishlist Techtonica on Steam. It helps the game a lot, and you’ll be updated regarding release information and, eventually, discounts.

Finally, we’ll be streaming the game on Twitch this Thursday at 11am ET. Join us for some gameplay and the chance to ask questions.

Until next time, Groundbreaker!

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