Techtonica’s developers talk the future and Early Access release

Techtonica - Dev Commentary Thumbnail

Techtonica’s Early Access release approaches! We’ve been working on this thing for years now, and we wanted to pause and reflect on it a bit with you before the release gets here.

We sat down with a few developers to dig a little deeper into what’s going on with Techtonica.

Our Game Director, Richard, discusses what lead to

Techtonica and some of what we have planned for tomorrow. Bristol, our Technical Artist, dives into how VFX helps with world-building and player direction. Finally, Eitan, our Founder, discusses our vision for Techtonica.

If you’d like to hang out and chat directly with Techtonica’s developers and community, come join our Discord!

Wishlist Techtonica. We’ll launch into Early Access this summer.

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