Techtonica Demo 1.0 – Patch Notes


Welcome to your taste of life below the surface of Calyx, Groundbreakers! The Techtonica demo is now available for all on Steam. Let’s go over what’s changed with the latest version.

🏭 Major Updates 🏭

⛏️= Community Request/Feedback/Bug Report

  • ⛏️Greatly improved performance so more Groundbreakers can enjoy life below Calyx as ANEXCAL intended; if you’re having performance issues, please let us know via the feedback form on the pause menu!
  • Added even more performance toggles to the Settings menu
  • Added voiceover for Sparks; Fixed Groundbreaker comms unit to remove digital artifacts from Spectral Cube voice
  • ⛏️Autosave can now be turned on or off if you don’t want to take the time to remember all of your Calyxian adventures
  • Or, hey, want to forget whole factories that aren’t up to your ever-enhancing standards? Delete Save is now a thing.
  • Save file sizes no longer bloat based on terrain destruction; Our Level Designer has decided to stop exacting revenge on Groundbreakers for destroying their hard work with M.O.L.E. blasts
  • Resolved long hang time as players attempted to close the game or exit to the main menu for trips to the real world
  • Fixed Groundbreaker visual impairment that bizarrely made certain machines appear with checkerboard textures (okay, we added new models for the Crank Generator, Splitter, Water Wheels, and more)
  • Added Quest Journal, Databank, and Log Screens so Groundbreakers can see objectives, update tasks list, and listen to spoken dialogue as often as they like
  • Plants are scannable and unlock incredible data entries written by scientists and ANEXCAL engineers
  • Discovered new materials for production, such as Kindlevine Stems and Kindlevine Extract
  • ⛏️Added Sprint Toggle to the Settings menu. We’re not here to judge how Groundbreakers run (hold shift or tap it once). It’s their choice.
  • Power-hungry Groundbreakers will quickly learn that Production Terminals no longer provide stupifying amounts of power for factories
  • ⛏️Reworked mouse controls based on Alpha feedback
  • Updated progression for better demo pacing

🏭 Minor Updates and Bug Fixes 🏭

⛏️= Community Request/Feedback/Bug Report

  • Improved Conveyor Belt Logic and Splitter Placement
  • Conveyor Belts no longer form invisible Splitter/Merger connections
  • Upgrades now properly go away when Groundbreakers deactivate them in the tech tree
  • Shiverthorn Seed and Plant Belt models are no longer the same as the Kindlevine Seed and Plant Belt models
  • ⛏️Reversed the direction that the scroll wheel moves the hotbar’s cursor
  • ⛏️Production Terminal now indicates how many of each material are needed for the next upgrade
  • We tweaked Sparks’s Cube and improved her memory… she no longer repeats long dialogue lines
  • ⛏️Resolved bug where M.O.L.E. was unaffected by volume controls
  • ⛏️Resolved bug where beacons and compass disagreed on cardinal directions
  • Resolved bug where “Inventory Full” message would appear when building machines over plants

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