The Techtonica Demo is Now Available


The time has finally come. The Techtonica demo is now available for download on Steam.

As we previously announced, the Techtonica demo includes performance updates, voiceover, and a re-tuned progression system that better suits the flow of the demo.

You can learn more about what’s changed in the demo via the patch notes here.

Join the Discord! Share your feedback!

We’ve already improved the Techtonica demo based on player feedback from the Alpha, and we want your input for our Early Access launch and beyond! Groundbreakers like you offer feedback, suggestions, and ideas that our team considers, and that will continue for the foreseeable future.

So, we encourage you to join our Discord and share your feedback! If and when you beat the demo, make sure to enter your Discord username on the form linked in the popup to be granted a unique role.

Add Techtonica to your Wishlist and stay in the loop.

We hope you enjoy the demo. If you do, consider adding Techtonica to your Wishlist on Steam and follow along as we enter Early Access.

Thanks for playing, Groundbreaker.

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