The Techtonica demo is back


As we announced last week, the Techtonica demo has officially returned!

What’s changed? Super, super minor stuff, quite honestly. We did prepare these patch notes for your reference, though, and we’re renaming the Techtonica demo in order to solidify that this will not be updated.

The Techtonica demo is now live as the Techtonica Prologue!

Here come the patch notes!

You, the community, wanted a way to play the game after the Demo’s untimely demise, so here it is! The Prologue is very similar to the Demo, with a handful of small changes.

Please note that the Techtonica Prologue is an UNCHANGING MONOLITH, a snapshot in stasis, a stationary testament to how time makes fools of us all. Which is to say… we’re not gonna update this.

We’re pouring our effort into making Techtonica proper the best game we can, which means leaving the Prologue as-is.

🏭 Minor Updates 🏭

⛏️ = Changed in response to community feedback

  • Updated in-game text to remove reference to Next Fest. Next Fest is so two months ago; the Prologue is what’s hot right now.
  • Disabled the in-game feedback form because we were tired of hearing from you (no wait, that’s a joke, please don’t go, just give us feedback in Discord!).
  • ⛏️ Improved performance while navigating menus with large inventories (this does not affect some menu hangs on open/close)
  • Updated resource icons. They’re so shiny! They don’t match the models for their resources… YET!

A Note on Save Files

For the diehard Groundbreakers who just can’t let go of their Demo save files, good news! Your save files should be mostly compatible with the Prologue.

However, Demo/Prologue save files will not work in the Early Access release of Techtonica.

Welcome back to Calyx, Groundbreakers. Now, let’s get to work.

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