Techtonica’s launch week! In-game metrics coming soon!


Welcome to the first weekly update since release.

If you’re new to these, hello! If you’ve been here for a while, hello again!

We launched a video game! Thank you for playing.

Techtonica entered Early Access last Tuesday, and we’ve been so excited to see people playing, sharing screenshots, posting videos, and joining our Discord. It’s meant the world to us. Welcome to Calyx!

We’ve been working hard to listen to feedback and criticism from players across the forums, Discord, and reviews, and we’re turning that feedback into action with patches and our planned updates.

This week’s video dives into a ton of stuff, including in-game metrics for v0.1.1, news of patches, our feedback process, and more.

Don’t have time for the video? Here are the highlights.

In-game metrics are coming in v0.1.1

v0.1.1 is what we’re calling the Quality of Life update, and the first thing we’re locking in for it is in-game metrics. Now, they won’t be pretty since our UI is a work in progress, but we heard loud and clear that players want them now.

They’re coming with the update, and the update is slated for mid-to-late August.

We might be splitting the QoL update into two parts

This bit of news isn’t fully nailed down yet, but we’re considering splitting the update into two parts. Why? We have a lot of work to do and tasks to address. You’ve all spoken up tons about things like the Cores, performance, bugs, quest beacons, etc., and we’re working on lots of it.

It might not come all at once or in time for the second QoL update (if we decide to do it), but we’re on it.

Our team’s presence is being reduced a little… just a little

If you didn’t notice, we’ve been extremely active since launch on Steam and in Discord. That’ll continue, but we’re going to reduce our schedule. To support launch, we got our full team of 20-ish devs to take shifts from 7am ET until 11pm ET. We’re gonna strip that back to regular working hours starting this week.

Don’t worry! We’re still here! We’re still listening! We need to catch our breath and refocus our attention on the game. The plan is to support all significant updates this way moving forward, but we’ll be rolling back to normal operation a week after those launches.

That’s the gist of this update, though the video has more detail. Thanks for reading, thanks for the feedback, and thank you for playing.

Don’t forget to join our Discord and say ‘hello!’ There are memes and dreams in there, and it’s pretty fun.

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