Techtonica multiplayer progress report: Character animations arrive


Techtonica will have four-player co-op when it launches into Early Access next year.

We’re still in active development, and that means lots of what we’re sharing and showcasing should be labeled “work in progress.” Some of you eagle-eyed Groundbreakers even noticed a multiplayer clip from a couple of months ago on TikTok that featured dev team members moving without animation.

Recently, we added physics simulations to take our multiplayer character movement from locked and stiff, as seen in the TikTok above, to more fluid and animated. When you fire up Techtonica with your friends, it’ll look something like this.

That’s right. To help tell your friends apart, Groundbreaker suits come in a variety of colors.

Getting to the version you see above, though, was a ride. Techtonica Game Director, Richard, made the mistake of sharing his work in our team chat, making it possible for us to grab the clips for posting here for you today.

Thanks, Richard!

He’s not paid for puns, folks. Still, this is perfect.

The next iteration was less underwater but somehow equally ridiculous.

Finally, Richard brought his work much closer to the final version you see near the top of this post. This is what your friends will look like when they join your multiplayer Techtonica sessions upon Early Access release in 2023.

A note and a question for you before we go. In case it’s not obvious, we recently switched to weekly updates for Techtonica. We hope you’re enjoying the extra looks at what we’re working on. These posts will continue, and we’ll showcase more interesting stuff as we near release next year.

Onto the question: Besides our planned announcements, what would you like to learn about when it comes to the development process for Techtonica?

Thanks for reading, Groundbreakers! See you next time.

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