Stack Filter Inserters are coming to Techtonica

stack filter inserters

Hello, Groundbreakers!

Last week, we showcased the updated roadmap for Techtonica. The updated roadmap includes a much closer look at v0.3, which we’re now calling The Factory Efficiency Update. Here’s a quick rundown of the features we’ve announced for v0.3.

  • Stack Filter Inserters
  • Vertical Belts
  • Quick Copy
  • Replacement Tool
  • Storage Limiting

The features listed above represent a large chunk of what you, our community, have been asking for on Steam, in our Discord, and on our Feedback site since, basically, launch.

So! Over the coming weeks, as we implement, test, and balance each of these new features behind the scenes at Fire Hose, we’re going to take a much closer look at these big efficiency and quality of life upgrades here in the blog posts and video updates.

That starts today with the new Stack Filter Inserter.

Meet the Stack Filter Inserter

The Stack Filter Inserter is easily one of the two most requested items for Techtonica. The other is Vertical Belts, but we’ll talk more about those between now and v0.3’s launch.

What is it? As factory automation fans know, the Stack Filter Inserter does exactly what it says on the tin. It grabs three user-selected items at a time, quickly, and transfers these full stacks into machines, storage, or belts.

We already have the Stack Inserter, of course, but the filtration functionality is the big new addition here. The Stack Filter Inserter will bring a lot more speed and throughput to late-game setups, including the Thresher.

Oh, you want exact stats? Sure!

Here’s the Stack Filter Inserter at its base upgrade level.

The Stack size upgrades that you’ll unlock on the tech tree also apply to Stack Filter Inserters, and that will get you up to 12 items in a stack, bringing the max speed to 600 items per minute.

Colors, am I right?

Is the Filter Inserter pink or purple?

No, really, I’m asking. Because we had whole Slack threads dedicated to this argument internally. Richard, who is not accepting hatemail at this time, indicates that they are pink. Ryan, who’s always accepting hatemail, says they have “no color relationship,” which felt really weird and intrusive to me.

Lauren posted charts, which drew big eye rolls from everyone involved.

The Stack Filter Inserter has a gray base and a definitely more pink top to be associated with the Filter Inserter while offering a unique read in the factory setting.

Let’s talk about the Stack Inserter logic that was revised with v0.2

If you’re new to Techtonica or you haven’t played since the v0.1 days, we thought it important to include some information about the updated Stack Inserter logic that will also apply to Stack Filter Inserters when v0.3 drops.

In v0.2, we tweaked the Stack Inserter logic so that it would give up on waiting for items to transport before turning. Players, especially those with sushi belts, found that their late-game factories would clog and stop functioning as the Stack Inserter stood and waited for exactly three resources before turning. Some sushi belts meant this turn never happened.

Here’s the precise patch note of what changed in v0.2.

The ANEXCAL Engineers have reworked the Stack Inserter logic a bit. Now, Stack Inserters have an increased maximum throughput and will give up on waiting too long for material and dump what they’ve got in queue instead of sitting static, forever.

That’s it for this week’s update! We’re really excited for The Factory Efficiency Update that arrives with v0.3, and we know you folks can’t wait to get your hands on all the quality of life upgrades headed your way.

We’ll also have another Update Pack for you in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, join our Discord to hang out, ask other questions, and help new Groundbreakers.

See you soon!

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