Oops! It’s all concrete.

all concrete reveal (1)

Hello Groundbreakers, we’re back from winter break and feeling rested, relaxed, and ready to reveal our first Update Pack!

Without further ado… (drumroll please)

Oops! All Concrete

Including pillars, beams, and walls, 

Oops! All Concrete allows you to build seamless expanses of smooth concrete. It’s pretty satisfying to build with, and we’re stoked for you to play with it.

When we announced the updated Techtonica Roadmap in December (insert a joke about that being last year here), we briefly mentioned our new release cadence will include monthly Update Packs, and this is the first!

Designing with all concrete

For the all concrete pack, the art team wanted to come up with a unique treatment that differentiated these pieces from the existing Base Building parts, further than just removing the metal outlines. In addition to removing the chunky metal frames, they added recessed areas and metal rebar detailing on the sides.

And here’s a prototype of the texture on the models:

The rebar actually existed on the original assets for Base Building, but once the metal frames were added, it made more sense to remove it. So, some of the concrete texture is actually bringing back the original mockups!

All these concrete pieces are able to be built together, or blended with the existing Base Building parts.

Building bases, faster

Another big bonus with this update pack? We’re adding all new chests at PT Victor with Base Building parts.

Base Building OST

All the new songs from the Base Building update are out now on Steam! The full OST, including 6 brand new Base Building bops, is available as a bundle on our Steam page.

Stream returns!

Below is our stream schedule for January. Come hang at twitch.tv/firehosegames.

That’s it for this week folks! We’ll be sharing bits and pieces of the Oops! All Concrete pack over the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

As always, join our Discord for memes, dreams, and to share your factory setup. See ya next week!

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