Here are two new songs from the soundtrack of Techtonica


We’ve talked about this before in our Discord AMAs and across a few interviews, but we’re going for something special with Techtonica. Internally, we refer to it as flow or flow state.

It’s not something we made up! Flow is a real thing, it even has its own Wikipedia page, which is the standard for when a thing becomes real.

Essentially, entering a flow state means you’re in the zone, totally immersed in and energized by the thing you’re doing. As you can probably imagine, this is a super common thing in video games, especially in genres like factory automation, city sim, base building, and colony building.

We’re striving to build an experience that helps players achieve that flow state of energized and relaxed focus, and we feel that a huge part of getting there lies in the music players hear.

Techtonica’s soundtrack (and audio design) is being done by Cityfires. If you played the demo or were part of the Alpha, you’ve experienced the music firsthand. It’s super critical to the game, and we’re working hard on making it feel great.

Today, we’re sharing two new songs from Techtonica. These are both still in progress, so you’ll likely hear something different once the launch rolls around, but we like them enough to share them with you today!

The first song, above, is meant to drive home that flow feeling, and it packs a methodical pace alongside a dark and mysterious tone.

The second is much more up-tempo than the first, and we think it works well against a factory building backdrop.

We hope you enjoyed this preview of the tunes to come. If you did, we’ll probably share more between now and launch.

Techtonica’s due for release in 2023. The soundtrack will be available for purchase on Steam, too! Drop us a Wishlist to stay informed.

Thanks for reading, Groundbreaker. See you soon.

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