Techtonica v0.5 is Out Now! 🏭

Fast Travel, New Character, Lasers, and more! Read the latest patch notes here.

Welcome to the thunder factory-dome, Groundbreakers!

V0.5 has some unique updates that we think you’ll have a lot of fun with. A new character, fast travel, bug fixes, new construction modules, and as many of you have heard, laser mini-games.

When you need to take a short break from endlessly organizing conveyor belts and want to shoot at something, check out the new defense asteroid-shooter game in single-player mode, or shoot at your friends in some exciting laser games. Or, carry on the way you were playing before. There’s something for everyone!

Check out our trailer (that was so fun to make!) here:

New Fully-Voiced Character

A new character joins the cast – and she isn’t particularly thrilled about it! Watch for the (CS) facility signal to discover this expeditionary scientist.


The multifunctional new Nexuses offer fast travel and serve a purpose in laser mini-games. Build custom Nexuses to teleport between any two points for a cost of 10MJ per use (equivalent to one fully charged accumulator). For free fast travel, take advantage of the pre-built Nexuses located at Lima, Victor, Xray, and the Elevator.

These nexuses also serve as interactive bases for laser tag games, displaying team information and status while allowing you to select which game type you want to play.

Ping Tool / Laser Gun

I don’t know about you – but sometimes I get lost in caves (ok, fine, maybe I get lost frequently). Now we have a handy ping tool for you or your friends to ping at locations and resources! Just point and click and you and your friends will be able to see the ping with information displayed next to it.

The fun thing about this handy ping tool is that it’s also a laser gun! Just switch to laser mode and shoot at your friend, or take out the aggression in our new laser mini-game modes. Don’t worry – getting shot doesn’t hurt them. It just means they can’t shoot back for a short countdown.

Additionally, while progressing through the narrative, you’ll now find a small 1v1 Arena for laser tag hidden away in the standard Techtonica map.

New Laser Tag Arena Map

In our new Laser Tag Arena map, you can battle it out in Capture the Nexus mode across three exciting areas: 1v1, 2v2, or Free-for-all. Sneak strategically through the maze-like areas or charge in with lasers blazing to capture Nexuses and steal points from your opponents.

Game Modes

Capture the Nexus

In our new Laser Tag Arena Map, you can play Capture the Nexus in our new 1v1, 2v2, or Free-for-all areas. Sneak through the maze-like areas, or go in full laser-gun swingin’ to capture Nexuses or steal points from your friends by shooting them.

Defend the Nexus

Play solo or team up with friends in a holographic wave-shooter. Rack up points by destroying asteroids, spaceships, missiles, and bosses. Watch out for landmines and keep an eye on the Nexus’ health to survive.

Disco and Glow Blocks

For those who crave organization or want to add a touch of fun to their factories, you can now utilize disco or glow floors! Color-code your factory and pathways for efficiency, or create a bright and festive mood. Customize your disco floors with six different light modes: Diagonal, Horizontal, Rainfall, Chaos, Synced, and Follow-Player. Glow blocks offer a vibrant palette of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and Magenta.

Concrete Ramps

Unleash your creativity with three new concrete ramp base building pieces, available in sizes 1×1, 1×3, and 1×5.

We’re super excited for this update and hope you have fun! 

To read the full patch notes. Head over to Steam!

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