Techtonica v0.1.2 Patch Preview: MKIII Belts, Save Slots, added ore, and more

v0.1.2 Patch Preview

Techtonica v0.1.2 drops this week! This is the second of two planned Quality of Life updates, and it features changes based on community feedback.

Today, we’ll preview the patch in video form ahead of the complete patch notes that will arrive with the official update.

So, what can you expect from

Techtonica v0.1.2?

  • Save Slots
  • More ore voxels
  • HVC & Monorail bug fixes
  • In fact, a lot of bug fixes
  • MKIII Belts that are ridiculously fast
  • Plant mass gathering made way more accessible
  • Performance enhancements
  • Overhauled fog and color system that creates an even more vivid Techtonica
  • And loads more…

Let’s dig in!

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See you soon!

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