Techtonica v0.1.1 Patch Preview: In-Game Metrics, Core changes, and more

in-game metrics(3)

It’s official. v0.1.1 of Techtonica drops this week (we’re aiming for Thursday), and with it comes a slew of changes born out of your feedback over the month-ish since launch.

Today’s video stands as a preview for the update. We’ll, of course, serve up some in-depth patch notes when the patch goes live this week.

What can you expect from v0.1.1 of Techtonica?

  • Initial Core system changes
  • In-game Metrics
  • Recipe re-balances
  • Digging down with the M.O.L.E.
  • Performance enhancements
  • Loads more, as covered in the video and the patch notes coming soon

Let’s dig in!

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See you soon!

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