Techtonica Private Community Alpha Announced During Developer AMA


We recently took questions from our community on the official Techtonica Discord for our monthly Developer AMA. The questions ranged from those about gameplay specifics to design philosophies and, of course, release information.

We encourage you to visit the Discord to check out all of the questions and answers, but we wanted to pull out the relevant Alpha information specifically so that our followers here on Steam could stay in the loop.

Here are the questions and answers connected to the Techtonica Alpha.

Can we throw money at your to help with Dev of the game… and maybe secure a spot in beta testing?

You won’t need to throw money at Techtonica to take part in the Alpha. We’re offering that to community members and content creators for free. Once the Alpha is over, we’ll make sure the keys we sent out no longer work. So, once we launch, that’ll be your chance to throw money at Techtonica.

But! If you’re looking to help us, we’ll take help in the form of community participation, wishlisting the game on Steam, and providing feedback on the Alpha.

After game release, is there plans to extend the story or release substantial content to the game or will there just be minor updates/bug fixes?

Yes, we have big plans for Techtonica. From definite features that we’re actively working on today to a laundry list of planned and proposed updates. We’re doing a private community Alpha, which will talk more about throughout this AMA, and we’ll move to a Beta release after that. We’ll perform regular updates in both the Alpha and Beta phases, and those updates will range in size from minor bug fixes to major new systems, features, and content.

Of course, the whole time we’ll be collecting and considering any community feedback shared regarding the game.

From @ozmethod – No release date has been announced, but is there a target alpha/beta/release window you can share?

Yes! We’re not ready to share the exact date just yet, but we’ll slowly roll out our Alpha over the coming months. Access to the Alpha will be free, but it will end once the Alpha window closes. At that point, the keys players receive will be revoked. You’ll need to buy the game at release. But the playable window for the Alpha will be weeks, not days.

Being here on Discord is the best way to make sure you’ll have a chance to join the Alpha once it’s live. We’ll have a lot more to share soon, so stay tuned.

As you can see with that last answer, the best way to get into the Techtonica Alpha is to join the Discord.

We’ll have lots more to share regarding dates and how to gain access in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned.

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