Roadmap update: these new features are bound for Techtonica

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Now that Oops! All Concrete has launched into the Techtonica void, it’s time for a roadmap update! Below, you’ll find the updated roadmap and a brief overview of each item. We’ll go into much further detail over the coming weeks regarding how these tools look and function.

Without further ado… The updated roadmap!

Let’s dive into what’s coming in v0.3. Several of these items were upgrades that you, the community, requested. We really value your feedback and we’re doing what we can to implement it!

Vertical Belts

Techtonica is going vertical! Conveyor Belts will go from the floor to the ceiling and will be able to pivot in multiple directions at either end.

Stack Filter Inserters

They stack, they filter, they make everything go brr. You asked for ‘em, we’re delivering.

Quick Copy

Quick Copy will be a …quick copy and paste of machines, machines and recipes, and just recipes. This is a big quality of life feature, and we’re excited to show it off over the next few weeks. The gist? Look at a machine that’s been built, push a button, open a buildable of that machine and/or its recipe to be built again. All without scrolling through your toolbar or opening your inventory. This makes setting up a large factory much easier!

Replacement Tool

Instead of deleting a MKI Belt and manually replacing it, you can drag a box to upgrade belts and machines to a higher tier. This will work on Belts, Drills, Smelters, Inserters, and even some Base Building pieces.

Storage Limiting

Tired of having so many open slots in a chest? With v0.3, you’ll be able to block off storage slots in containers!

We’re adding even more to this update! Over the coming weeks, we’ll explore all the new features and upgrades coming to v0.3.

Several of these items were the top upvoted posts on our Feedback Website. Have an idea for Techtonica? Submit your own post and cruise for others to upvote!

Some Update Pack information

The response to Oops! All Concrete has been really great! This is the first of our upcoming Update Packs, which are slotted between the larger banner updates like Base Building and v0.3.

These Update Packs are designed by our art team based on player feedback and internal ideas for content. They’re focused on smaller content pieces that require little-to-no engineering time, so development can chug along on our larger updates. This means you get more content for Techtonica while not impacting our production schedule for the game.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments on what we’re adding to Techtonica! And join our Discord to share your factory, debate which setup is best for Threshers, and laugh at some memes.

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