Introducing Techtonica


We at Fire Hose Games are pleased to announce our next title, Techtonica.

In Techtonica, you will explore the bioluminescent cavernous depths of a rogue planet named Calyx as you build and optimize sprawling, automated factories—alone, or with friends.

Armed with only the essentials for resource gathering and basic crafting at first, you will uncover the mysteries of Techtonica as you traverse the sub-surface environment. After discovering and scanning lost artifacts, you will unlock crafting recipes for more tools and factory machines.

Resource gathering and production are made easier and more efficient in Techtonica as you design and construct mining implements, resource extractors and fabricators, and power distribution features that make the construction of a sprawling factory possible.

Each addition to your growing catalog of machines and tools will open fresh, challenging factory complexities that present new opportunities for production, automation, and problem-solving.

Techtonica is available for Wishlist on Steam

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