Base Building Release Window & Roadmap Update

Roadmap UpdateBB

Techtonica v0.1.2, our second planned Quality of Life update, is out now, so it’s time to look ahead to future updates.

We’ve updated the roadmap with a lot of information about Base Building, and we can finally announce a release window!

Base Building will hit Techtonica in December.

And now, check out the new and improved roadmap!

Let’s chat about what we’ve added! We will go more in depth on these items in the coming weeks as we get closer to launch, but here’s a brief overview of each bullet point.

New floors, walls, catwalks, lights, decorations & more

Here’s a single sneak peek at a Base Building asset. This might get updated with new textures, but look at it? It’s amazing. Perfection, no notes.

I do my little turn on the catwalk.

Technically this is two parts: catwalks and railing. But you can’t have one without the other, right? Safety first.

PT XRAY & fresh upgrade tiers

Yeah, that’s right, a brand new Production Terminal with its own upgrade tiers. And a fancy new cave for it, too.

More caves, abandoned facilities, & points of interest

The Techtonica map is expanding! Get ready to go spelunking in new caverns, mysterious abandoned buildings, and more things I can’t talk about yet.  

Additional narrative & voiceover

A conspiracy will be buried within the new facility ruins that Groundbreakers will explore; one that will shed new light on the Expedition and introduce SPARKS and PALADIN to a hidden past.

Blast Smelter, Blast Drill, & new production loop 

We’re adding two new machines and a full production loop with them. And yes, blast means more explosives. We’re ‘splodin more stuff. Boom.

New materials & intermediates

New machines mean new materials, and then intermediates for Base Building parts. Your factory is gonna get a whole lot bigger.  

Tech Tree enhancements 

We’re adding a new page to the Tech Tree for Construction, and we’re revamping some of the UI. 

Improved new player experience

The initial quest lines at Production Terminal VICTOR will be retooled to help Groundbreakers get on their feet with threshing, planting, filtering, and electrical power.

Roadmap general changes 

We removed the numbers from updates. Why? Because we aren’t 100% sure how many major updates there will be. If we continued with the 0.1, 0.2, etc. nomenclature, it might seem like we’d need to land at exactly 10 updates for 1.0. We are really excited to keep developing Techtonica, and want to do so without needing precisely 10 major updates! 

We also collapsed some of the older updates. The content is still in game, we just needed to condense the graphic to fit on Steam and our website. Say goodbye to all the old bullet points. 

Over the weeks between now and the Base Building update, we’ll dig deeper into what’s coming. We have a lot to share from Techtonica, so stay tuned.

Have questions? Want to chat with us directly? Join the Discord at

Until then, Groundbreaker, let’s get to work.

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