Base Building release window narrows, plus we’ve updated the roadmap

roadmap update

Greetings, Groundbreakers! We have a few pieces of huge news for you today.

The Base Building update will launch the week of December 18th.

While we can’t give an exact date just yet, we wanted to give players a little more info! This is the biggest update we’ve had thus far for Techtonica, and we are so so so excited for you to play it. We’ve been able to narrow our release window to the week of December 18th and wanted to make sure y’all knew!

We’re adding content monthly to Techtonica

Which brings us to the Roadmap update. We’ve shifted things around on our Roadmap and added several new monthly content pieces. Behold, the Roadmap in all it’s glory!

The art team has been steadily chugging along, enough to where they have time in between major updates to give you new content. And that content will be released monthly. This is a wild, unique idea, and we hope you enjoy it.

What will this content look like? Think small packs that are related to the updates before them. Have an idea for a pack? Let us know in the comments. We will give you more details on the first content pack after Base Building emerges into existence!

Hang on, what’s that new update..

You’ll also notice that Take Flight has been pushed down to make room for another major update – Enhanced Logistics! If you’ve ever been to our feedback website, you’ve seen the top two upvoted posts are for Stack Filter Inserters and Vertical Belts.

And Enhanced Logistics will include *drumroll please* vertical belts and stack filter inserters. Asking for both of those has become a meme in our Discord. We want them, you want them… We’re doing it.

Enhanced Logistics will also include more stuff based on player feedback, so keep giving us suggestions on Discord and our new feedback website. We really do listen – these two listed items were included at your request!

Other than these two items, the entire update will be based around improving your factory’s logistics, so it’ll be pretty nice to have earlier.

Version numbers proudly return

Eagle-eyed players will also notice we’ve added the version numbers back to the roadmap. You wanted ‘em there, so they’re back!

That’s all for this week’s update! When the code becomes sentient and awakens into consciousness the week of December 18th, you can enjoy the myriad wonders that Base Building has to offer. And buy Techtonica now while it’s on sale!

Oh yeah, and we’re on sale!

Techtonica is on sale right now for 20% off. Buy it for yourself, for a friend, for a random stranger you meet on the street who you want to give a new addiction hobby. Grab it before Base Building descends from the celestial void; we have a lot of content incoming!

Base Building is almost upon us, so you should join our Discord for some sneak peeks and memes!

See you next week!

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