Welcome to Calyx, your home in Techtonica™.

Resources and secrets alike are buried deep within this lost and mysterious world.
Work alone or with friends to build and optimize complex, automated factories, gather materials, and establish an industrial masterpiece as you explore the vibrant, bioluminescent environments of Calyx.
Let’s get to work.

What awaits you below the surface?

You'll build powerful machines to reach new depths.

Discovering everything Calyx has to offer demands more than the meager equipment you’ll have at your disposal at the onset.

You must build specialized machines to optimize gathering and production as you equip yourself with the tools necessary to go further and deeper.

Factories on Calyx are nothing without automation.

As you gather resources and advance technologies, you’ll need to rely on an ever-expanding network of machines.

Exploration and growth demand a lot of production, and your only hope of building everything you need hinges on automation.

There's much to discover on this alien planet.

Calyx is teeming with bioluminescent life that invites discovery as your factory grows.

Tunnel your way to massive ore deposits, hidden technologies, and secret caves to find rewards and uncover the mysteries of Calyx.