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With the first balanced build there is need for still more control

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So I see the power generators as demonstrating a chance for actual balance in what I build. So if I place 1 water wheel (WW) I get 100 torque. Each generator (CG) uses 40 Nm torque so I can only use 2 CG with 20 torque unused. With an even number of WW, I get a number that is divisible by 4 and can always fully utilize the torque. At an advantage of 1 additional CG for every pair of WW.

Thus, for full utilization the generators should have a torque plate that allows me to set a single WW and 3 CG with one CG set to half torque. That will produce 100 torque, use 100 torque, and generate 375 Kw of power.

forsakenfenix September 2, 2023 7:28 pm

It took me a second to understand what you were saying here.
You want to be able select a CG and set it use half the torque, thus producing half the power, got it.
Not a bad idea really.

forsakenfenix September 2, 2023 7:37 pm

While I like this idea, There should be a trade off for halving torque, maybe instead of 50% the Power only get like 40%, thus making the full 2WW to 5CG ratio slightly more appealing.

1 Answer

So I was playing around with water wheels, If you don't have enough torque, it splits the negative balance evenly (or as close as it can) between all the CGs on that line, reducing power output of all the CGs