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[Solved] why inserter only input 2 pieces inside thresher and stop, while it can can hold more

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i can put 500 pieces inside thresher or assembler but when using an inserter it only put 2 pieces inside and wait, why not keep inputting till its full

3 Answers

To not starve potential following machines on the belt.

Machines taking enough to do two production cycles (like in Factorio) so it allows a continous production. If you cannot fill the machine fast enough to even meet this you will starve the machine anyway sooner or later. And if you overfeed the machine it does not produce more or faster.

If you need extra reserves use the containers.

TRINZLER September 1, 2023 10:52 pm

@epiktokles this makes less sense then you think firstly if no other machines are awaiting those same ingredients this argument is already folly secondly if the machine in question is at the end of chain of well set up machines it could in fact be holding up all those other chains which may be full thirdly when i fill a thresher and its internal storage is empty it most certainly operates faster in my game also you technically cant overfeed it per se at end of the day it most certainly slows machines earlier in chain even if it doesnt specifically speed up its own production

forsakenfenix September 2, 2023 6:31 am

@TRINZLER It does make sense, you might want to expand your production line, for more efficiency, by placing more machines. It's Not doing you any good just sitting inside a machine when you could be sending it to the next machine to make sometime else. Also you can make a feed back loops to prevent backups at the end to the line.

TRINZLER September 7, 2023 4:14 pm

@epiktokles i have an insane production line and i fully understand looping you clearly didnt read my earlier post or simply misunderstood it so let me once again say that the way the machines operate currently causes problems at the end of a chain as in a final product that you are no longer going to feed into another machine when the internal input slot of final machine has only 2 items instead of 500 it most certainly holds back my earlier parts of production


I know that was meant for me. and Yeah I didn't understand,
And Without you literally showing me what you mean, I still don't.
However, You explained enough for me to get the gist of what you are saying.
I still fail to see how a machine that takes in enough for 2 more builds and stop, could mess up the production line.

Wait, I gotta be sure....
You know it's not just 2 items, but 2 times the amount items need to make that thing.
Like biobricks, is 25 plant matter, 50 Limestone, so the inserters are going to put in up to 50 PM/100 LS into machine and then stop while the assembler is already making 1 biobrick

Putting a full stack of 500 into a machine isn't making it faster, it's just tying up resources that could be used elsewhere.
Anyway, you know what you are working with now, and you can build around it.


Sigh, this again.  This CANNOT possibly hold back production.  If your input (inserters) cannot re-fill 2x times the resources for the recipe in the time it takes for the machine to make one, then your machine would never reach a full stack anyway.  2x recipe amount is plenty and makes the most sense.  If you're worried about the production line from your input backing up, I would say 1. Who cares, it's making at least enough to feed your destination anyway, and 2.  You can always just put a chest for storage in-between the two lines, so your input source can continue making as much as it wants, regardless of how much the designation line is pulling.  I have no idea why this keeps coming up, Factorio works the same way.  There's literally no reason to have a machine filled to max stack size.