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Why factory building in Satisfactory is so much easier than here

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I have been struggling with the question : Why is Satisfactory so much easier to make factories? 

Hell I have one factory that uses something like 40 refiners and 60 processors and it required some thought in feeds but other than that it was a snap to build. And left me with plenty of time to make it beautiful. But to think about making a factory for one item complex item in Techtonica takes a lot more work and thought. 

Today I realized the answer. Satisfactory as explicit input and output ports. Building something with two inputs? That is what you connect to. Need something with 3 inputs, you stick in 3 materials. The other thing that simplifies is the ability to use lifts, lift holes through floors and walls, and other items like that. So I can predefine where the inputs go and where the output(s) go. 

But here not everything is clean. The thresher has two ports on one end but nothing on the other. So I cannot do an inline build unless I turn it sideways. And then it is much larger sticking out the ends. Also the ports are anything goes. It would be much cleaner with input/output ports.

forsakenfenix September 3, 2023 5:01 pm

Easier? I'm not sure I agree with that.

Belt work is cleaner in Satisfactory, for sure, and I'm sure Conveyor lifts are coming in time, but you know 3 years in Early Access, vs 2 months here.

Also I wouldn't call Satisfactory all that clean, because the different machines, are different sizes,
and some the output isn't centered. However It gives you the tools to work around those things pretty well, but sometimes things just aren't as clean as I would like them to be.

Just think about how many different machines Satisfactory Has.. Constructors, Assemblers, Manufacturer (god I hate that thing), Blenders, Foundries, Refineries, Miners, Smelters and packagers... Transports are Tractors, trucks, and trains
Techtonica has Miners, Smelters, Assemblers, Threshers, and planters. Transport, Monorail.... that all.
You end with a lot of assemblers just to make one thing, in a small area.
It can make figuring out which assembler is making what part for the final product, kinda chore.

For me, the problem is scale, Techtonica feels small and cramped.
Not because we are underground, but everything we place is small.
8m x 8m x 1m Foundation in Satisfactory just looks and feels bigger, than 8m x 8m x 1m power floor grid in techtonica.

1 Answer

For me it's just that the recipe/machine rates make no sense in this game.  They're like 10x faster than they should be, given the inserter/belt speeds.  The whole thing is out of sync.  I shouldn't be struggling with 8 Thresher ports wishing I had more....Satisfactory if it's 3 in, 1 out, you need exactly 3 in and 1 out.   Even in Factorio, which is inserter-based....it's virtually NEVER an issue with inserter speed.  And in the few cases it is, you need a bit more...not like, FIFTEEN TIMES more speed.  Honestly they just need to drop the speed of every machine by a lot and get everything back in scale.