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Please use the feedback forum on this page the submit, upvote, downvote, and comment on bugs and suggestions created by you, the community. The Fire Hose team will use this tool to help prioritize your feedback.

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[Solved] Welcome to the Feedback Forum - Read this first!

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Welcome to our Techtonica's bug reporting and feedback forum! 🏭

This is a place to ask questions, present feedback, and report bugs. The Fire Hose team reads this site daily and will get to your questions as fast as we can.

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Feedback Guidelines

  • Search for your question/feedback/bug or post before posting. Someone else may already have an answer for you! Please help us avoid duplicate posts.
  • Please write your posts in English, if possible, as this is the language our dev team mainly speaks.
  • Upvote posts that you think are important or agree with. This will help us notice important posts easier. Please note that upvotes are only one component of what our team will prioritize for development.


  • Be kind and respectful to others. If you disagree, keep it civil (jokes included)
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  • Keep content and discussions SFW.
  • Don't spam.
  • Don’t impersonate developers, moderators, bots, or other users, either on this website or elsewhere
  • Don't ask for keys/free copies of the game
  • Feel free to mod and tinker, but do not share unannounced content
  • Don't antagonize community members
  • If your nickname is obnoxious or obstructive, it might be changed
  • No unsolicited advertising, Discord, or game invite links
  • Don't discuss illegal activities (e.g., Piracy, etc.)