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Use of mining charges

Topic starter

After getting the mining charge I went and started blowing up things. The way it works in quite a lot of games is this:

Place one or more charges

Once placed press the left mouse key

Things blow up fantastically

What is weak with your implementation is this:

Some time I can place a charge and spend 5 minutes getting in just the right position for the E message to pop up.

Some times the placement and lack of E message leaves me in a situation difficult to ever reach the charge to hit the magic spot for the charge to ever be able to use it.

TRINZLER September 1, 2023 10:14 pm

@darksceptor absolutely agree couldnt believe the issues i had using them as well sometimes

1 Answer

Thanks for the feedback, having to hunt for the exact pixel to activate the charges is really annoying. We'll aim to have this fixed in a future update!