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Trying to build balance automation results in no balance at all

Topic starter

As seen in the attached photo, I tried to build a balanced automation. Two filters with seeds sent out to the two planters. Instead of balance I end up with all seeds just going to one side. 

Expected Behavior:

When the machine has generated seeds those two filter inserters should pull seeds one side then the other then  the other and so on.

TRINZLER September 1, 2023 10:36 pm

@darksceptor dont know how fast your thresher is operating but i only have one inserter putting vines in and only one taking seeds out and it works perfectly for me all other 6 output is just sticks

TRINZLER September 1, 2023 10:37 pm

@darksceptor i do however agree with your post

2 Answers

So, as of right now, the inserters will be prioritized based on which was built first. It's something we are considering on retooling down the line! For now, try using a conveyor splitter? They should be even. 

DarkSceptor Topic starter September 3, 2023 1:06 pm

@laurenfhg Conveyor splitters are their own world of problems. You get them automatically but you also get them sporadically. For example, I had a belt laid down and ran two belts into it. I should have gotten two belt splitters but only got one and the other modified the direction of the belt from straight into curved. It would be better if I actually could PLACE a splitter and then I know how a specific configuration would work but right now it is random based on what the software THINKS I want not knowing WHAT I want.

DarkSceptor Topic starter September 3, 2023 1:16 pm

@laurenfhg Oh yes, the other problem with splitters. Since they are not something that can be placed, movement of the belts has no control. In the picture attached it would be perfect to use a splitter if I could do the following: 1) place inserter from machine to belt. 2) Run belt to a splitter object 3) From the splitter define belts going in opposite directions. Right now as far as I know, you cannot define a splitter going in different directions. The planter belt gets laid first and runs in one direction then gets intersected to add that splitter. See the problem there? So now instead of a balance like the picture I am forced to put all planters on one side of the thresher. And not only that but I need room to add belts to each machine with splitters (if I'm fortunate that they get automatically created). That way the seeds will hopefully spit into 4 for 1 machine and 4 for the second machine. If the planters are fed directly off the belt, the first is greedy and consumes as many as it can get leaving the second one starved for a minimum of 1 seed.


What you have here wouldn't work in any automation game...Unless, the speed of the machine was so great that both inserters are non-stop busy.  Inserters do not communicate with each other, nor should they.  This is not how you should balance.  You should have both going onto a belt and splitting the belt...this is what splitters are made for.  You can't expect independent inserts to somehow work in a rotation, that doesn't even make sense.