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Toolbelt bug limiting storage available

Topic starter

The personal storage 'toolbelt' sometimes prevents adding new items, though my tech level should allow 20 rows, it only showed 7.

If I empty a couple of slots and then go do a grab all of one resource, like a full chest of copper stacks, it puts it all into my inventory.  when I put the copper back in the chest, I now have my slots available, at least as many as were needed by picking up that resource.

Thanks for a great game so far!


1 Answer

Ok, that isn't how that work, but I don't blame you for being confused, because I was.

I'm guessing but toolbelt you mean actually Pack size

Pack size only increases the number of stacks before you become in encumbered and start walking slower.

Technically you have unlimited space in your inventory, but if you're not encumbered, it sometimes won't let you pick up more stuff directly from a chest, making you encumbered, but if you erase said chest everything will go into your inventory.

The spaces in your inventory grow and shrink based off how much is there. and doesn't have anything to do with how much you can carry, as you can carry everything... very slowly but you can carry them.

Toolbelt the tech tree gives you extra toolbars you can cycle through at the bottom of the screen.

Crtl+Number switches the bottom toolbar (number keys) to that toolbar row.

Shift+number switches the Top toolbar (F keys) to that toolbar row.

Holding Crtl or Shift and using the mouse scroll wheel will cycle through them.

levinma Topic starter September 8, 2023 8:31 pm

@forsakenfenix Thanks for the information.
Though the issue still happened multiple times, that I had no free lines in the pack so I could not pick up, but if I pick up with a CTRL click on an item to take all, it adds lines to the pack and then after I put them back, the lines remain and I can pick up at will. It is true that after some point I can become encumbered but that is not evident when I ran into the issue.

forsakenfenix September 9, 2023 2:44 am

ok maybe it doesn't base it off being encumbered, and it's just a weird glitch because of how the game adds and removes rows.
Yeah You can becomes encumbered based off Pack Size Tech level, Mostly happens to me with Limestone and Plant Matter. while digging with the MOLE.
There is a sneaky trick, if you make something, the items you need to make that thing are removed from you inventory. I have it make all the Biobricks it can and all that Plant Matter and Limestone is no longer in my inventory, making the encumbrance go away.
You obviously can make anything to make this work... Biobricks and Coolant are the 2 things I make the most of, as the eat up that limestone