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Tier 11 Energy requirements seems excessive

Topic starter

Tier 11 wants to have 20450 MJ on energy
... meaning 20,45 GJ
... meaning 682 Accumulators placed on the map at 30 KJ each.

And this already includes activating Accumulator I, II and III bonuses.

Compared to this the material requirements are easy peasy.

Was this maybe supposed to be 2,045 GJ? Tier 10 wanted 1,95 GJ.

stummelschwanzzwergtyrann July 24, 2023 3:22 pm

@epiktokles I think it's intentional. The last tier should be a real challenge. And it's definitely doable.

Epiktokles Topic starter July 24, 2023 3:35 pm

Maybe and I already done it but it was an insane construction and felt quite tedious. Why I mentioned it is because it really stands out.

The progression is 320, 860, 1250, 1950 ... and 20450. Maybe something is missing here. Maybe there is supposed to be an Accumulator Mk II here because all other devices have a Mark 2 versions before this Tier but not the accumulator. If the 2nd version had an 4-8 times higher base capacity things would look differently.

crawl August 20, 2023 7:03 pm

Agreed this felt very tedious.

2 Answers

Just as a PSA - the end of the river biome will get refactored as we add more content! for now, it's supposed to be a monumental task 🙂 


i actually hate fixing peoples poor execution but here goes i have no problem with time consumption i like the game but having this much junk to place is retarded my game is crashing every 20 seconds but you still insist on having more stuff placed literally everywhere you need to have a costly upgrade as a mid point so the time it takes to complete is the same but instead of placing the 600 plus mentioned above you place maybe 300 upgraded units                                  

i have tons of other very good suggestions but as i said i hate giving other people ideas for what should have been obvious solutions before this ever got to the general public