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Thresher speed is too slow

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Thresher speed is now way to slow.    

I could empty a fully upgraded thresher with 7 fully upgraded stack inserters and a bunch of filter inserters down line. With the new speed of the thresher it only takes 2 stack and one fast inserter. It's too slow. My production numbers have plummeted. We have tech tree upgrades that you can activate/deactivate if the speed of a machine is too fast. Instead of slowing it down, you could of added 3 more inputs/outputs or just the lowered the rate of the plant fiber/ plant matter the thresher produced. The rates between the extract and plant materials is what needed balanced not the speed. For how much extract is needing to be produced, there's no use for the amount of plant material being produced 

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It's just frustrating. I have 165 hrs in this game and it took a lot of hrs figuring out how to balance the fully upgraded thresher. Now that's thrown out the window because people who could of just used the mk1 thresher if they couldn't figure out how to empty the mk2