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[Suggestion] Remove Mouse Pointer Centering In Menus

Topic starter

In each menu, I've noticed the mouse pointer automatically centers itself in the middle of the screen. It's a hassle to have to physically lift up my mouse and put it down when assigning the same items to a bunch of filtered inserters in a row or selecting the same item over and over in multiple Assemblers. Maybe if the pointer just didn't recenter itself in those menus, it might help. I haven't particularly noticed it all that much in other menus. Or if there's a way to turn this off already, let me know. I wasn't able to find it though.

2 Answers

This should be an option in every...single...game...ever...   I have never understood why this is "industry standard" for games...it's so freakin annoying.  Yes please, give us an option to leave the position alone when opening windows! 🙂  


Oh this is interesting feedback, thanks! 

takeitback86 Topic starter August 8, 2023 1:27 am

@laurenfhg thanks for acknowledging this. I know it's a knit picky detail and you all probably have better things to work on, but the ability to turn the centering of the mouse in menus on or off might satisfy everyone's needs instead of just turning it off. Thanks again. I love this game and I appreciate all that Firehose does for it's community!