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Stealing from Tom Cruz SHOW ME THE BALANCING

Topic starter

I thought that this build was all about balancing but I find it to be far from the truth.

A simple process...build electrical components. I have a container of copper going into a constructor of copper wire. Stated output = 15/ minute.  That goes into a constructor along with iron ingots. Stated input for the wire is 30 / minute!!!!! So I have to supposedly build two wire creators to keep things moving smoothly. Yet with just the one I see my injectors insert and wait. Insert and wait. Insert and wait. Based on stated inputs those two injectors should be working so hard they are close to short-circuiting from all the sweating they should be doing. But nada. No sweat. No hard work. 

But I added a second one creating wire and that one backed up with wire. The constructor ran constantly but the wire backed up. 

forsakenfenix September 2, 2023 11:00 pm

so I looked, 10 Iron ore, 20 Wire for Electrical components

So Yes you would need 2 Assemblers to feed the EC Assembler with wire, but You're making 30 wire, and only need 20, thus the back up.

forsakenfenix September 3, 2023 5:17 am

Also, different Inserters have different speeds.
Basic = 20/min
Fast = 40/min
Filter = 30/min
Long = 15/min
I started over so stack inserter speed I don't have written down yet, but those would also change with tech tree upgrades.

DarkSceptor Topic starter September 3, 2023 12:53 pm

Not with the new formulae. I am creating 15 wire and consuming 30 wire. Two Assemblers will create 30 wire feeding the machine using 30 wire. And that should not have a backup. And if the basic is 20/minute then I exceed the needed 15 per minute per assembler. The stock should be constantly moving into the assembler. But the assembler appears to be slower than the stated process speed. 

Now in Satisfactory if I had the same setup with the same output of 15 wire and input of 30 wire, the material would always be moving and never back up. 

1 Answer

Tell me you've never played a factory game before without telling me.  What?

DarkSceptor Topic starter September 3, 2023 12:52 pm

@barbrady123 HAHAHA I played Satisfactory, Dyson Sphere Project, the Factorio demo, and another that was forgettable after playing Satisfactory.