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Something to think about

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There is one thing that makes something like Elder Scroll last for 10 years. Replayability. I've played it on and off and also bought it several times (well I paid for ugrades) to continue great play. Even now I play it and discover something I never found before. 

So in the long run you need to keep in the back of your mind ways in which this could become a replayable game with those nuggets no one found for 10 years. Maybe you have a secret room hidden behind a protected door. Maybe you have a very unique tool created by research and never released into public use but it is stashed behind a locked door with a key hidden somewhere (like on a dead body) Maybe, just maybe, you have technology not unlocked until first playthru is complete.

Your roadmap shows some interesting things down the line (0.1.4???) so I'm anxious to see ways this game progresses. I have faith in you guys and believe you can take this concept you created and build a fantastic world out of it that will keep people wanting more.