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Smelter MKII Requires Fuel??!!!!!!!

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One of the benefits of reaching MKII equipment must be that they are powered by electricity. It is sheer stupidity in design to have the MKII Smelter still require fuel! If this was a production game it would be the reason to get a refund and no longer play.

4 Answers
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So, not only are you requiring fuel but you are burning it twice as fast as the MKI. Disgusting



MKI Smelter with copper ore: Output 18 ingots per minute using 1 biobrick (Dense II Upgraded) per minute

MKII Smelter Output 38 ingots per minutes using 2 biobricks per minute... over double the output for double the fuel cost... faster and slightly more efficient fuel wise... also, I need to get rid of plant matter somehow... smelters are my goto for that.


It would be nice to transition away from fuel to electricity with the Tech II equipment

forsakenfenix September 8, 2023 7:21 pm

Yeah I get that, but biobricks or straight burning planet matter is currently the only way to get rid of Plant matter in the game, plus if you make a biobrick production line, it becomes unless if you no long need it for fuel... fuel... a vehicle is coming in a future patch... have it use the biobricks.. yeah ok, maybe


Reminder that we're only at the 0.1.1 version of Techtonica! 

I can't say much else besides that hehe