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Option to prevent inserters adjacent to removed machines from also being removed

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There's cases where it's REALLY FRUSTRATING that the inserters are removed when a machine/composer next to them is removed.  Would be nice to have an option to turn this off, or maybe a modifier key to hold down while deleting to prevent this.

forsakenfenix September 2, 2023 7:39 pm

I think this is a bug, because it doesn't always happen, but is really annoying when it does.

4 Answers
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Also belts, for some weird reason, also can get deleted...


I think this is due to the mass delete tech tree, if you set it to all be off it doesn't happen and only 1 thing disappears at a time. The mass delete action seems to like grabbing more than it is supposed to in an uncontrolled manner because it thinks i am holding the button down to select multiple items when i'm not.


Are you using mass delete by accident? This sounds like a bug! (that i will be passing along) 

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Nope, not using mass delete.  Actually when I wrote this up I was experiencing this with core composers, of all things.   I was filling in towers due to the new changes, and then "shifting" my composers over X number of squares and adding more...to fill in the gaps.  Anyway,

the plan was, figure out where I want to move the composer relative to it's current position.  Mark it somehow (I was putting an inserter or a section of belt there), delete the composer and move it to the desired position using the marker as a landmark.  This doesn't work because every single time I deleted the composer it deleted the surrounding objects.  I ended up deleting a single section of floor to mark the spot, then filling it back in afterwards.

But, even though it was 100% reproduceable in this scenario, it doesn't always happen.  If I have multiple composers chained together to feed through to the end of a line...like composer -> inserter->belt->inserter->composer->repeat....and I delete a composer in that line, everything else remains.  

I've also seen this with assemblers, where deleting them causes *some* of the inserters around them to delete, but not all of them.   

I'm DEFINITELY just clicking on the object and not doing any accidental mass delete, etc.