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Need a bit more use cases for Crafting

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So today we can craft 1 or 5 items or all items. But there are times where I really need to gang craft something for n number of items. But with materials on hand I can craft over 4000. So it would be nice if I could select something and just say craft this many items.

3 Answers

Assuming you craft with assembler not in hand which you shouldn't do anyway (because assemblers make 2 items from same number of resources compared to handcrafting) ...

1) Place a container

2) Place an inserter

3) Fill all but 4-8 slots with 1 stack of limestone to block those slots

4) Wait for the assembler/s to do its/their job


this is an instance where i agree with both there are times i wish i could craft more by hand specifically when it comes to the power floor butย  i understand obviously using assembler for most instances

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I am in early game but working to automate as much as possible. However I also explore and while exploring I may want to craft by hand. There are also things I've not automated yet but need immediately. I hate to go through the bullshit of automating when I can just click and get all done right away. I also have had many cases where I created more product than my automation line did. So... 😝ย