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My game keep crushing

Topic starter

I'm playing in xbox series s and the game keep crushing every 2 minutes anyone knows why?

3 Answers

Is it crashing when you load a save game, is it crashing on creating a new game, or both?


How much space have you cleared out in the underground? There seems to be a limit to how much you can clear out in the underground.


wow thats moronic a game where digging is huge part if not biggest or at least most basic part of game but if you DIG TOO MUCH the game breaks next thing you know there will be limit of bullets you can shoot in a shooter before game crashes or if you drive to much in racing game it will break  

come on people fix this fast if this is an issue

also combine this post with other posts about game crashing

TRINZLER September 1, 2023 7:56 pm

the kill bots had kill limit so i sent wave after wave until they hit there kill limit