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Monorails don't work properly on Xbox

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As per title. Monorails bug out/don't send  frequently and you can't control anything regarding cargo. When using LT/RT, everything disappears (temporarely) from the MR. Can't rename a station. Can't figure out why  a damn MR won't send anything while another track works perfectly. Multiple instances when the MR system just won't send even after deleting and rebuilding start and finish MR. At the moment conveyor belts are error free and are a far easier option than getting a MR track that won't send to work. The required power is displayed the wrong way around. It should be needed/available and now it's the other way.

LaurenFHG September 14, 2023 4:32 pm

@rbox that sounds frustrating! we do talk about fixing some monorail issues in our latest blog post: TLDR we realize some monorail stuff is borked for some players, and our team is actively working on a fix.

Are you using the HVC with the monorail?

1 Answer

I found a work around for this currently I think. Seems you can only have two monorail stations per standalone power network. Can’t have them all connected by power steppers and cables. 

forsakenfenix September 21, 2023 7:06 pm

Yea The HVC when hooked to Voltage steppers is what is causing it.
I just run power floors everywhere. you only need to use HVC and VS for upgrade/repairing Victor and the Freight elevator, so you can just unhook them after that.