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Maximum charge does not increase using water wheels

Topic starter

So I noticed this:

Install 1 water wheel and 1 crank generator. It reports:

Water Wheel 1

Generators   1

Maximum Charge 150 kW

Add a second generator and it reports

Water Wheel 1

Generators    2

Maximum Charge  150 kW


Now install all of the wheels and generators and it reports:

Water Wheel 4

Generators    8

Maximum Charge 150 kW


It should be reporting Maximum Charge = Generator.Count * 150

1 Answer

This value is the power this single generator produces not the whole axle. It is there so you can see if there is not enough torque on the rotating shaft. And the maximum for a Crank Generator is 150 kW.

However it would be better if they change the info and display two values:

- The power generated by this generator

- The torque status on the full rotating shift


Let's take your 4 Water Wheel and 8 Crank Generator example

Physical Power: 1200/1200 kW
Electrical Power: 150/150 kW

Or let's take 1 to 1

Physical Power: 150/300 kW
Electrical Power: 150/150 kW

Or let's take 3 to 1 (underpowered)

Physical Power: 450/300 kW
Electrical Power: 100/150 kW