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Keyboard movement controls lagging on PC

Topic starter

This may be a performance issue as I have an older PC, but generally the game is responsive and playable with reasonable graphics settings.  However, sometimes after moving forward for more than 2 or 3 seconds, releasing the W key does not stop movement for up to 7 seconds.  Steering with the mouse continues to respond instantly, but the character just keeps barrelling forward with no reverse or side to side controls effective until it stops.

3 Answers

Hey Rrad, let me ask the team if there's anything else you can try to improve performance here.


I got a few thoughts:
-Do you have any other input devices connected to your computer?
-Does this happen with any other games?

RradRegor Topic starter September 18, 2023 12:31 pm

@cityfires I have one keyboard and two mouses (mice?) attached. More info : I'm running on Linux through Proton. Also I just determined it is related to the key repeat setting in my OS. If I turn off key repeat completely, the problem goes away. I'm guessing the game is getting confused by the extra buffered keystrokes and thinking the button is still pressed in real time when it isn't. No, I haven't seen this problem before with any other game. Thanks.


Ah great, glad you were able to solve it! 

I'll let the team know about this issue in case there's something they can do in a future update to prevent this behavior!