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just my honest thoughts for you amazing developers

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I love this game so far but I have only 2 suggestions ATM that would be some type of better system for research as I find it really difficult to get the space for all the research needed(like maybe a research that takes up live drive space in a computer type server rack thing would be cool. or even a red hot sun looking thin that you put the research into ands when that gets full it changes to a purple looking ball that maybe pulses. Just a thought but totally up to you). I would love it if I could have a 1 item only storage box that displays the total amount of items in it. thanks for reading my msg and again love this game so much ,so thx for making it 

forsakenfenix September 5, 2023 11:30 am

The recent patch really made the research cores a lot better, namely reducing the amount it takes, there couple places in the game you can put the core tower, that goes up a long way. Like next to the water wheels, I’ve unlocked all the purple core tech and some of the blue core tech, and my stack hasn’t hit the top yet, but I can just move the composer over 8 floor tiles when it does, I doubt I’ll need more space to max out the tech tree

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Thanks for the feedback! Are you playing with the new patch installed?